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How long will it take to make my order?

Orders are custom made within 5-7 business day after payment.  Your order will be mailed via USPS First Class from Massachusetts.  

What if I need my order faster?

I do offer expedited production and shipping.  Priority and Express shipping options may be found at checkout.  They DO NOT alter the production time.  Express production is an option that may be found in the "Add Ons" section of the shop.  I will make sure your item is shipped within 1- 2 business days.  The cost for this service is due to my taking time after my normal work day to craft your order.  

What size tag should I buy for my pet?

I generally recommend the following:

3/4"  ~  best for toy breed dogs and cats

1"     ~  best for small to medium dogs and for large cats

1.25"~  best for medium to slightly larger dogs

1.50"~  best for large to humungous dogs  :-)

Can I send you a logo or picture for you to stamp?

I work with sets of pre made steel stamps.  I can only stamp what these allow me to.  Very occasionally I can work with these stamps to produce what you are looking for, but rarely.  If you wish a complicated logo or design, I suggest working with an engraver who can replicate your image via machine.  

Can you send me a mock up or photo of my order?

Sorry, but no.  You will receive an item that is as similar as possible to the pictures shown in the listings, but with your personalization.  I provide metal samples in most listings.  Custom listings will be discussed in length and produced as such.  I simply do not have time to set up, take and send pics.  I am a very busy shop and need to get my customers' orders done! :-)

My item is not "perfect"!!!!

Welcome to the world of hand stamping!  Unlike machine produced items, my items are hand crafted and no two will ever be exactly the same.  I artistically stamp your order, letter by letter, character by character, and therefore the depth, spacing and alignment of the stamping will vary.  These slight variations are what make each piece special and unique and should not be looked upon as flaws.

Do you offer multiple item discounts?

My items are very fairly priced for the quality of materials used and the time spent in crafting.  I am open to discussing a discount for orders above 10 items - please shoot me an email using the "Contact Us" page.

Will you donate to our charity or non-profit?

I receive more requests than I can possibly accept.  I do work with some rescues, shelters, etc in New England.  I would consider donating to locally based rescue organizations who are established and with a strong social media presence willing to link back or feature the shop.

How do I go about ordering a custom item?

Please email me using the "Contact Us" page and we will work together to create a unique item for you or your pet.  Please note that all custom designs become the property of The Landlocked Dog and may be used, pictured and sold by same.  

What about returns and cancellations?

Due to the nature of custom and personalized orders, I do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations but please contact me if you have any problems with your orders.








Hand stamper & maker of awesome personalized gifts & custom dog tags. New England. Dogs, gardening & my home have my heart